Two Sword Style (Nitoryu) is a swordsman technique that allows the user to use 2 swords at the same time instead of one. This technique is one of the strongest in the series, showing mass powers and being able to take out multiple enemies instead of one.

Two Sword Style Weapons

  1. Cutlass
  2. Sabre
  3. Katana Tier 1
  4. Katana Tier 2
  5. Katana Tier 3

Nitoryu Attacks

Two Sword Style Taka Nami

Taka Nami (Hawk Wave) - This attack allows the user to create a great gust of wind to knock opponents over. It deals no damage, but is great for catching opponents off guard.

It does no damage, but has a large range it covers over.

It is essential for battles as it is good for offensive purposes and can easily be one of the strongest attack for 1SS.

Two Sword Style Spike Wheel

Spike Wheel (Demon Spinner) - The user raises swords above their head and repeatedly spins over and over. This can cause major damage over time and can be used for power shots.

It takes about 7 seconds to execute and does anywhere between 5 and 95 damage over time. This attack does not make you go faster.

The swords and your legs allow you to seem like your floating, but you are actually bouncing off them constantly, making for a floating effect.

Two Sword Style Nanajuni Pound Ho

Nanajuni Pound Ho (Phoenix of the 72 Earthly Desires) - A stronger version of Pound Ho, the user releases 2 compressed slashes instead of 1.

It takes about 1 second to execute and does 70 - 85 damage between both slashes. The attack is rarely known to miss and goes at a reasonable speed..