The game's testers (from this tester's exam) are as follows:

  1. memeas12
  2. RisingPaw
  3. xKnightBear
  4. TjStyles14
  5. EddyAldeen
  6. iiRepel
  7. Kujakki
  8. luang555
  9. EarthSmashers
  10. Indras
  11. XDevGamer
  12. gatomark2004
  13. zackeryblizzerd
  14. superscarface64
  15. naruto98705


The rejected testers are all follows:

  1. XxxDarkzSoulzXxx - While your application was humorous, to say the least, I didn't feel like you correctly answered Q4.
  2. Atsukai - You didn't seem to answer Q4 correctly, and you don't seem to have good grammar skills. Sorry, but no.
  3. Abvatar123 - While I recognize you from OP:FS, you didn't seem to astound me with your message. It was dull and boring, and fairly short.
  4. mark29980 - You got the lowest score of all the applications mostly because of how informative you were. I didn't see any good in you testing the game, honestly.
  5. iiLxmitless - I'm sorry. You don't seem to have good grammar skills (as you capitalized nearly every letter) and you don't seem to be vital to the team. I'm sorry.

We still hope that all rejects and non-testers will play the game when it releases.