Ittoryu (One Sword Style) is the practice of fighting using only one sword in one hand. This practice was first started by Japanese samurais in the mid 1400s. It consists of attacks that allow the user to move quickly and strike with percision. This class require speed and timing to even think of using properly.

One Sword Style Weapons

  1. Cutlass
  2. Sabre
  3. Katana Tier 1
  4. Katana Tier 2
  5. Katana Tier 3

Ittoryu Attacks

One Sword Style Pound Ho

Pound Ho (Phoenix of the 36 Earthly Desires) - The user slashes so quickly that they release a compressed air slash in their general direction. The blast does between 60 - 80 damage and travels at a decent speed. The attack is done rather quickly, taking only 0.5 seconds to perform.

One Sword Style Shealth and Reshealth

Shealth and Reshealth Technique (Lion's Song) - The user shealths then reshealths his blade so quickly and simultaneously runs up on the person at break neck speeds, cutting them.

This attack require little skill to use and can easily break through defenses. It takes about 2.5 - 5.5 seconds (depending on the amount of enemies) to perform. It does around 70 - 80 damage when first used and allows instant movement to opponents.

One Sword Style Arrow Notch Slash

Three Verse Humming: Arrow Notch Slash (Hanauta Sancho: Yahuza Giri) - This attack is the first attack you get as a Single Swordsman. It is so that you cut your enemy so quickly that they don't even comprehend it until 3 seconds later (hence the "Three Verse" in the name).

This attack requires little to no skill and can be used on most enemies. It takes 3.5 seconds to execute and does around 50 - 60 damage.