These are the drafted rules and regulations of being a Marine. Violation of any of these rules can result in immediate (or over time) kicking from the Marines. Rules for the Shichibukai are different and can be found here: <no link available>.

Section I: Conduct Outside Of Battle

  • Rule 1: When a order is given from a higher up, you are to follow regardless of your opinion or thoughts on the matter.
  • Rule 2: If under the circumstances you don't agree with the decision made by a higher up, consult another higher up. Note: This rule should not conflict rule 1. If you are told to not contact other higher ups, then don't.
  • Rule 3: Training are mandatory for any member of the Marines with a rank lower than Petty Officer. If you don't show up to a training 3 times in a single week, you will be de-ranked anywhere from 1 rank down to 5 ranks down.
  • Rule 4: The only plausible excuse for not attending a training would be real life issues. This is a online game, you don't have to devote your life to it.

Section II: Conduct Inside Of Battle

  • Rule 1: Marines are only to retreat when told to do so. Any Marine seen running away from a battle will be instantly punished, physically or in the style of a de-rank. This is regarded are cowardism.
  • Rule 2: Any Marines that have a open opportunity to assault/defeat Pirates while in the heat of battle while it is obviously seen that they can win against them, and does not attack them will be de-ranked. This is regarded as treachery and conspiring with the enemy.