These are the complete testers for POP. This list is subject to change as people tend to get themselves kicked a lot. You can be kicked at any time for any reason.

  • memeas12
  • RisingPaw
  • <None>
  • TjStyles14
  • EddyAldeen
  • iiRepel
  • Kujakki
  • luang555
  • EarthSmashers
  • Indras
  • XDevGamer
  • gatomark2004
  • zackeryblizzerd
  • superscarface64
  • naruto98705

Tester Rules:

  1. Testers are not to suggest ideas or complain about bugs.
  2. Tester jobs are to test the game and report bugs. Nothing more.
  3. If any testers is seen doing any obnoxious thing (spawn killing, complaining), they can be kicked off on the spot.
  4. Testers are not to ask for custom items or attacks. They will be rejected.
  5. Testers are not to ask for money or any in-game thing. You work for what you want.
  6. Testers are not to spawn kill at anytime.
  7. Testers are not to exploit the bugs they find.
  8. Testers are not to leak any in-game footage or photography.

Kicked Testers:

  1. AceNova - Asking why people have custom weapons and being annoying.
  2. jmanboxerkiller - Agreed on by all the admins to be annoying and defacing the Wikia.
  3. Kelban - Being annoying.
  4. manofdoom4000 - Conspiracy to deface the Wikia.
  5. UnDeFeatedVibe - Nova Games member.