Changelog for Version 0.1

  • First few maps added
  • Combat added
  • Sword Styles added
  • Gunner added
  • Swimming and Race choosing added

Changelog for Version 0.2

  • Devil Fruit spawning added
  • Devil Fruit models added
  • Devil Fruit eating added
  • Sword Styles, Combat and Gunner improved on
  • Boats added (and boat customization)

Changelog for Version 0.6

  • More boats added
  • Tank Ship remade
  • Logia Reflexes added
  • Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku added
  • Some DFs got attack (Magu, Mera)
  • Combat improved upon
  • Rokushiki added (all except Rokuogan)

Changelog for Version 0.9

  • "Devil Fruits will be remade" announcement made
  • "Classes will be remade" announcement made
  • Haoshoku Haki added
  • Attacks have been revoked
  • Rokuogan added
  • Tekkai improved upon
  • "Mastered" aspect of Rokushiki added

Changelog for Version 1.2

  • All classes remade
  • New class: Polearm
  • Haoshoku Haki remade
  • Kenbunshoku Haki remade
  • Added a few NPCs
  • Soru improved upon
  • Tekkai improved upon
  • Classes balanced out
  • Tank Ship remade

Changelog for Version 1.3

  • A whole barrage of devil fruits added
  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Multiple islands added

Changelog for Version 1.4

  • Announcement of "Singleplayer" and "Story" mode made
  • Tester exams scramble and choose new Testers
  • A few islands taken out and new ones added
  • RK Island removed
  • "Teleport to RK Island" button removed
  • Bomu Bomu added
  • Bane Bane added
  • Bara Bara added
  • Gomu Gomu added

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